Advantages Of Shot Blasting In The Automotive Industry

Manufacturers of automobiles depend on shot blasting to prepare the metallic surface of their cars before painting them. This process removed grime, rust, and other contaminants from the metal shell, leaving it clean and unblemished. The industry uses special techniques, which we shall discuss later on in this article for the shot blasting process. The manufacturers purchase their requirement of machines and material used in the process from shot blasting material suppliers in the United Kingdom. The different types of machines used in this process include:

• Roller conveyor blast machine (used for large workpieces)• Hanger type machine (used for fragile parts)• Tumble type machine (for forgings, and medium and small castings)• Rotating table machine• Bag type dust collector• Wheel shot blasting machine

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The abrasives used include:

• GP GL GH steel grit• Rail steel grit• Angular bearing steel grit• Cast steel shot• Copper shot• Aluminium shot• Zinc shot, and• Stainless steel shot

Why is shot blasting so important?

In the automotive industry, the applications of shot blasting machines mainly are for eliminating the stress of the steel plate, removing rust from the steel plate, removing the welding slag, and discovering the workpiece flaws in advance. During the process of manufacturing a car, it is particularly important to shot blast the car body steel plate. Compared with the ordinary steel plate, the anti-rust coating quality of the steel plate improves greatly after undergoing the shot blasting process. The automobile industry depends on wheel shot blasting for cleaning the aluminium alloy wheel. It applies powerful shot blasting in the original state to the surface of the workpiece in its original state. This process can remove the oxide scale, welding slag, and rust layer from the surface of the steel metal. The process improves the anti-corrosion effect and quality of the steel coating to obtain uniform metallic lustre.

The wheel shot blasting machine

The chief functional components of the machine include blasting machine, outlet & inlet conveyor indoor conveying roller, cleaning room, and abrasive circulation system (including pipes for transferring abrasives, horizontal and vertical screw conveyor, separator, hoister), separator, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor and pipes for transferring abrasives), electrical control and dust removal components).

This machine's operation is a high-function non-stop cleaning for continuous feeding. When the car's steel products go into the abrasive area of the cleaning machine room, the entire body receives friction and striking of concentrated abrasives from four different coordinates. Thanks to this, the dirt and rust layer on the steel's surface quickly fall away, and the steel obtains a bright surface with a certain roughness.